Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What’s with all the Bus Crashes?!!?

I just popped over to Kenny Sia's blog. There was a small post on a girl that was killed in a bus accident. Turns out, she was a friend of one of my friends. Small world? The shit thing about this accident is that the screwed up bus driver that has 13 summons got away with only a broken leg. I get it if driving the bus is the only way he can feed his family or what not, but dude! You killed people! This isn't the first time bus accidents have occurred. The few times that I take public transport, I thank God it isn't to other states. Heck! Even the bus we take during our field work, though considered safer, can be a rollercoaster ride!! I have seen more than once, the crazy way bus drivers manoeuvre their buses through traffic and on the highway, they're downright scary!


I don't get it why the bus companies are willing to risk their reputations for a bunch of cheap drivers that driver like loonies and have driving offenses left, right and centre. It's not like they can't find other people to drive? Not only that, the lawsuits and what not that would be hitting them in the face when they kill people with their lousy buses isn't really worth it, is it? More than once, I have seen a bus so full with people, a sudden stop may result in them thrown out of the vehicle. There is no strict laws being enforced to ensure that regulations are kept to. Buses with black smoke shouldn't be on the road. There was once the incident a lady fell out because the bus moved suddenly and it was too full!


It breaks my heart to see news like this.


Greed is the downfall of man, and the innocents are the ones that pay.


There's a website that's petitioning for safer long distance bus journeys. Check it out.

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